Blink 182 - Cheshire Cat (1994)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Download Blink 182 - Cheshire Cat (1994)-After releasing a number of 7" singles over the years, Blink 182 offers CHESHIRE CAT, its full-length album. The San Diego based group (that started out as El Cautro and the Caj'ones) has honed its playing, songwriting, and surfboarding skills to create a fun record for all. Punky and melodic, CHESHIRE CAT is a great party album. The pace rarely lets up and the songs don't wander too far stylistically, but nothing exceeds like excess!

"Does My Breath Smell?" is a funny tune of teenage ambivalence. Furiously fast, the song begs one to get up and move (and not care how you look). "Cacophony" starts off with a slow bass line leading into a melodic intro. The pace then accelerates, with speedy riffs and crashing drums. "Romeo and Rebecca" throws some slight changes and ska into the mix, while album closer "Depends" has vocalist Tom Delonge unable to control his bladder. Blink-182 is a spirited group, coming up with hysterical lyrics and tight, well produced music. They are a skate and surf band who can really play, and this album should appeal to punk and hardcore fans.

Recorded at Westbeach Recorders, Hollywood, California.

Personnel: Tom DeLonge (vocals, guitar); Mark Hoppus (vocals); Scott "Mad Dog" Raynor (drums).

Recording information: Westbeach Recorders, Hollywood, CA.

Blink 182: Tom Delonge (vocals, guitar); Mark Hoppus (vocals, bass); Scott Raynor (drums).

Additional personnel: Matt Houts.

1Carousel 00:03:14
2M+M's 00:02:39
3Fentoozler 00:02:04
4Touchdown Boy 00:03:10
5Strings 00:02:25
6Peggy Sue 00:02:38
7Sometimes 00:01:08
8Does My Breath Smell? 00:02:38
9Cacophony 00:03:05
10TV 00:01:41
11Toast and Bananas 00:02:42
12Wasting Time 00:02:49
13Romeo and Rebecca 00:02:34
14Ben Wah Balls 00:03:55
15Just About Done 00:02:16
16Depends 00:02:48


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